Renting for the First Time in Toowoomba

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Are you in Toowoomba and looking to rent for the first time?

Renting a property for the first time can be a daunting experience, but moving out of the family home and establishing your own household is also incredibly exciting.

Hunting for a rental property in Toowoomba you love is one of the fun parts, but once you find something you like, you need to get serious and be well-prepared to secure the place.

This guide provides useful tips for first time renters in Toowoomba, from preparing applications to setting up your new home.

Many first-time renters worry they won’t be able to secure a property without rental history, but remember that every tenant was a first-time renter at some point. Successfully securing a property as a first-time renter is a matter of being organised and submitting your application early to have the best chance at beating out other potential tenants.

Keep in mind the landlord and their property manager want to choose the tenant they think is most likely to pay rent on time, take good care of the property and comply with the terms and conditions of the lease.

Don’t forget that property managers and landlords may look at your social media accounts before making a decision, so first time applicants should definitely take a look at their profiles from that perspective.

As long as you choose the right property, are well-prepared and timely with your application, there’s no reason why you can’t secure a great first home.

What to expect before moving in?

While real estate documentation can vary from state-to-state, you should generally expect to receive the following before you move in:

  • A copy of the residential tenancy agreement
  • A copy of the bond lodgement form
  • Receipt for the initial rent, bond, and any lease fees
  • Keys and garage/parking access information
  • Condition report for you to check, complete and sign.

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